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You may be asking yourself (especially if you are in the food and beverage industry), “what is the best way to market my product?” Nowadays, the food and beverage industry has been booming, taking to new platforms to expand consumer reach like never before. According to recent studies, revenue from the food and beverage industry projects an annual growth rate of 6.5%, resulting in an increased market volume of US$25,659 million by 2025. With numbers like these, utilizing trending forms of marketing can benefit brands in this realm exponentially. The question remains, however, which marketing strategy should food and beverage businesses begin adopting? We highly recommend considering video marketing for food and beverage brands to get the consumer traffic and sales that your brand so rightly deserves. If this form of food and beverage marketing is something you wish to start using, check out our top video marketing strategies for how to promote food brands in an effective way.

Superior Social Media Advertising

Did you know that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool? That’s a 63% increase compared to last year’s numbers. As the use of technology rises, we begin to see an abundance of individuals, specifically consumers, migrating online. Why not go where your customers are spending most of their time? Not only will you expand your marketing reach to more individuals but the ability to target your specific audience has become more manageable and easier to master. Video platforms such as Youtube is a great place to take your beverage marketing ideas, as Youtube is recognized as the second most popular website (following right behind Google). From recipe ideas to video content campaigns catered to a select demographic, social media advertising through video marketing will showcase your brand like never before. One important key factor to keep in mind for how to promote food brands successfully is grabbing viewer attention quickly as individuals tend to stick around for a handful of seconds before jumping to another video. 

User Involvement is Key

Consumers want to know a “face” connected to a brand. This “face” is really a personality behind the brand, allowing the relationship between brand and customer to be strong and built off loyalty. In fact, 54% of customers believe companies need to transform how they go about engagement. In order to connect more with your consumers, begin generating video marketing for your brand that focuses on audience engagement. Whether you start a campaign with a hashtag for people to share their own videos with your brand or create your video content around your audience’s personal preferences by asking their opinions, you’ll be able to tighten the customer engagement gap. The more you relate and connect with your customers, the more likely you will implement brand loyalty.  
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