We develop clear, actionable strategic plans that help you measure and maximize results. brandhive’s team of innovative strategists are experts at getting and holding a prospect’s attention. but more than that, our depth of industry experience will help you translate brand awareness into increased prospect conversion rates and loyal, lasting customers.


Based on your brand strategy, brandhive will attract and retain customers through a cohesive, evocative and memorable brand experience. to build a brand, we will listen to and learn from your customers. once we understand the customer, we will build your brand to speak to their perceptions, dreams, lifestyles and values.

public relations and social media.

Public relations is vital to the long-term, sustainable growth of a brand. our PR campaigns have unusually high success rates due to our relationships with key editors and industry influencers. And no PR campaign is complete without a social media component. We weave brand strategy into all aspects of social media, including channel set up, benchmarking, metrics and ROI, calendaring and execution.

web design & development.

We design websites that create a complete interactive brand experience, including social media and mobile applications. navigation, look, feel, symbology, tone and functionality all work together to communicate the essence of your brand digitally. and because we design sites that are SEO-optimized, content-rich and simple to update, consumers have a reason to return to the site—deepening their interaction with and commitment to your brand. see some of our online work.

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