BrandHive, a global healthy lifestyle branding agency providing high level strategic planning and branding expertise to consumer packaged goods and value-based ingredient companies, was retained by Spinato’s, a Phoenix-based specialty frozen pizza brand, to create a new website and execute their public relations and social/influencer outreach programs.

In 1971, Chicago residents and entrepreneurs Ken and Elaine Spinato purchased land in Arizona with recognition that their new soon-to-be residence lacked authentic Chicago-style pizza. After finally moving in 1974 to escape harsh Chicago winters, Ken and Elaine established the first restaurant in their new home. The family spent the next 35 years refining and perfecting the recipes, which have made Spinato’s pizzas famous. Customers became increasingly interested in their pizza recipes, regularly requesting take-home options. In an exciting evolution, Spinato’s business expanded to retail.

While the Spinato’s legacy has hinged on it’s family roots, retail demand has increased for the fresh ingredients and authentic family recipes that inspire Spinato’s growing line of frozen gluten free Pizza’s, including their highly anticipated plant-based pizzas, and pasta sauces. Spinato’s retail products are distributed in 750 stores nationwide with plans for expanded distribution to over 1000 additional storefronts this year.

“Spinato’s is a family-owned business that has operated successfully for over 40 years,” said Spinato’s Vice President, Anthony Spinato. “We’ve reached a vital point in the development of our retail business. For this reason, we sought to collaborate with an organization with both communications expertise and knowledge of the industry. We’re truly looking forward to working with BrandHive to support our continued momentum.” 

BrandHive was retained by Spinato’s to capitalize on this rapid growth, focusing on synergistic creative development of its core consumer outreach.

“Spinato’s is at a pivotal stage,” said Jeff Hilton, BrandHive’s co-founder and chief marketing officer. “The company’s retail success dovetails nicely with the growing demand for healthier frozen meal alternatives. Spinato’s has the innovative products; now we can make a connection with consumers to engage, educate and motivate. The company’s website, social channels, etc. are key omnichannel touch points for food and beverage brands to connect with consumers in a powerful and compelling way. We’re truly excited to work with these bright entrepreneurs.”

Some of BrandHive’s other retail clients include Coffee Blocks, Glutenfreeda, Quantum Health, Lifestix, and Lehi Roller Mills. For more information, visit

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About Spinato’s
Spinato’s was born from the passion for fresh, flavorful and authentic Italian recipes. Founders Ken and Elaine Spinato responded to the increasing demand from restaurant patrons for the recipes of its famous Spinato’s pizzeria by introducing frozen Gluten Free Pizzas, tomato sauces and dressings at retail. Found in 750 retail stores, Spinato’s is quickly becoming a favorite among the specialty pizza products coast to coast. Spinato’s offers its signature pizza sauces, dressings, and pizzas at