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SALT LAKE CITY, March 8, 2013 – Sixteen years ago, Jeff Hilton and Matt Aller joined forces to create Integrated Marketing Group. The duo saw huge potential to provide branding and marketing services to healthy and natural consumer goods and ingredient companies. They were right.

In the years to follow, IMG grew into a leading, one-stop shop for strategic branding, media, public relations, and online services, providing assistance to the leading brands in the industry. Now, Hilton and Aller are ushering in a new era of even more comprehensive, collaborative marketing partnership.

Welcome to BrandHive
“The healthy lifestyles industry has evolved significantly, and we’ve long believed that having a strong team of senior professionals who work together in the same space and who leverage each other’s talents is the key to bottom-line results for our clients,” Hilton said. “Reinventing ourselves as BrandHive is a direct reflection of this agency’s renewed dedication to collaborating at the highest level for the best results.”

BrandHive officially launches today at the ExpoWest/Engredea show in Anaheim, CA, with a reception for invited guests at Morton’s.

The new name plays on the passion for excellence and focused precision exemplified by bees, the ultimate collaborators, said Aller. The agency’s new vision statement is “Creating Healthy Buzz,” and showcases BrandHive’s focus on generating awareness, attention, and results for natural product and ingredient companies in all categories.

“This industry has an energy to it that Jeff and I have watched evolve over the past 16 years,” Aller said. “Because we’ve been part of that growth, BrandHive clients will continue to benefit from our long-standing industry relationships and the decades of experience our team has in the dietary supplement, personal care, functional foods and healthy beverages sectors.”

Hilton and Aller always envisioned growing the agency as the industry matured, and recent additions to the BrandHive staff reflect that goal. Last year, Peggy Jackson was hired as business development director, bringing more than 15 years experience in healthy lifestyles experience with her. The agency has grown its PR, creative, and marketing departments, as well.

“Unlike other agencies that hire virtual staffers, BrandHive has built a team of 17 professionals who work face-to-face on a daily basis in its Salt Lake City office. This encourages spontaneity in generating ideas and better integration of media, public relations, creative design, web development, and advertising,” Hilton said.

“At any given time, BrandHive team members are brainstorming ideas, evaluating research data, discussing industry trends, and debating novel creative concepts,” he said. “All that buzz inside our office translates into a symbiosis that will get people talking and help drive business success for our clients.”

The BrandHive team
• Jeff Hilton, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
• Matt Aller, Co-Founder and Creative Director
• Melanee Brown, Business Manager
• Teresa Aller, Office Coordinator
• Peggy Jackson, Business Development Director
• Erika Lowstedt-Granath, Senior Art Director
• James Fagedes, Interactive Art Director
• Sharon Benedict, Senior Copywriter
• Nate Peterson, Art Director
• Giles Wallace, Art Director
• Gail Frankoski, Marketing Director
• Meet Nagar, Marketing Coordinator
• Lisa Openshaw, Media Buyer
• Dave Clifton, Public Relations Director
• Kathleen Murphy, Senior Public Relations Counsel
• Ida Baghoomian, Senior Public Relations Counsel
• Courtney Morton, Senior Public Relations Counsel
• Gary Gonzalez, Public Relations Coordinator

About BrandHive
BrandHive is branding the natural, organic world. Like any good hive, we’re collaborative and work closely with our client partners to achieve remarkable results for natural brands. BrandHive can help you strategically position your brand within the healthy lifestyles industry. BrandHive clients benefit from our long-standing relationships and decades of experience crafting messages that engage natural businesses and consumers. We specialize in finished goods and raw materials for dietary supplements, personal care, healthy foods and healthy beverages. For more information, visit us at