Build your brand’s social base

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Many B2B businesses struggle to build a fan base and boost engagement on social media. Once you’ve determined your social strategy and know which platforms you intend to target, there are a few tricks to getting your social efforts off the ground. Facebook: Increase Likes through targeted boosts. The good news is Facebook doesn’t just …More

Does your brand have a visual voice?

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Extend your brand’s social media reach by implementing a visual strategy. A visual strategy for social media channels is an important extension of your brand’s style guide. While it incorporates your brand’s existing stylistic choices—such as fonts, colors and logo usage restraints—it requires new guidelines that adapt the brand to social channels. What matches your …More

In synch with shifting trends in beverage innovation?

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Want your new sku to be the next Monster or Red Bull? Listen to Jeff Hilton’s key marketing insights for beverage innovators in the webinar: “The Path to New Product Success: Navigating the latest trends for new beverage development” BrandHive’s Jeff Hilton joins Larry Levin and Kevin Waters to steer beverage brand listeners (including Pepsi, …More

BrandHive creates buzz in India

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The problem: When AVT Natural Products in Chennai, India set out to create a new line of condition-specific supplements, they knew they wanted to talk to Indian consumers about health and wellness in new ways but they weren’t sure just how far they could stray from traditional formulas and packaging without losing their audience entirely. …More

3 things every B2B brand should know about advertising to consumers

Consumer ad developed by BrandHive for Albion Minerals 1.    The primary role of a consumer campaign is to increase awareness When a B2B company markets to consumers, the role of a campaign is to increase awareness, not to close the deal. Campaigns can increase consumer awareness of a finished or ingredient brand by using visuals …More

BrandHive has strong presence at VitaFoods

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  Jeff Hilton and Gail Frankoski represent BrandHive at VitaFoods 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. Every year, BrandHive works with international clients to prepare for VitaFoods, an international event that recognizes excellence in research and development, marketing, and technology within the nutraceutical and function food category. This year was no exception. Here’s a few things that …More

Jeff Hilton explores trends in evolving HCP market

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The healthcare practitioner channel is evolving and brands need to change their marketing strategies to appeal to this expanding market. With an average 8% growth per year, and 94% of HCPs discussing supplement use with their patients, the healthcare practitioner channel presents unique opportunities to promote supplement brands. The following post recaps Jeff Hilton’s advice …More

5 ways my trip to ExpoWest will make me a better copywriter

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I’ve been writing about natural products for over ten years, but was always too busy to go to ExpoWest. Now, ExpoWest is the largest food, supplement and personal care show in the natural products industry and, when I arrived Friday morning, my first-timer’s eyes were wide with wonder at the range and volume of the …More

BrandHive clients win multiple awards at ExpoWest

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The big news at ExpoWest wasn’t just that Integrated Marketing Group (IMG) unveiled their new name BrandHive, but also that BrandHive clients took home two show awards. Gencor won “Most Innovative New Ingredient” for their product Libifem (a proprietary fenugreek extract clinically proven to promote a woman’s healthy libido, sexual vitality and desire). OmniActive won …More

Jeff Hilton speaks at ExpoWest on the evolution of practitioner channel marketing

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Jeff Hilton from BrandHive addressed healthcare practitioners, formulators and manufacturers Saturday, March 9th 2013 at ExpoWest. Using a series of case studies, Hilton explained how marketing within the health care practitioner channel is changing and what brands need to do to appeal to this growing market. With an average 8% per year growth, and 94% …More