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Share your great coverage, awards, speaking and other media success and results with executives, shareholders and key players.

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There is no longer a “typical” sports nutrition consumer. Category segmentation is key.

The Gracefully Maturing segment is motivated to maintain endurance longer, and want to have the energy to continue with daily activities as they age. Feeling good and staying active is more important to this group than improving appearance or achieving weight loss. Products that appeal to this segment include those that support bone and joint health and energy, preferably as RTD’s and fortified beverages.


REACHING THIS GROUP: This segment responds best to product messages that make them feel younger. Deliver information about energy and youthfulness as well as messages that support stronger bones and joints.

You know your stuff! Let the world know. Identify your thought leaders and industry spokespeople. Leverage their knowledge and expertise. Whether they are experts in technology, regulatory, research, specific ingredients or products.



  • Develop contributed content
  • Secure speaking opportunities
  • Publish bylined articles
  • Leverage research
  • Coordinate participation in industry events

Addressing the Performance Driven market segment.

There is no longer a “typical” sports nutrition consumer, and category segmentation is key. To find leverage in this market, it is critical for product manufacturers to pay attention to a number of unique and emerging consumer segments in the space. In my upcoming posts I will address these segments and optimal ways to reach them.

  • Performance Driven – Young and very active they seek sports nutrition solutions that give them a performance advantage and a winning edge. They strive for more power and energy to support strenuous exercise. Bring this group sports nutrition product regimens that include pre- and post-workout supplementation, protein and hydration products

REACHING THIS GROUP: Target this group with product messages that explain how products will increase endurance and improve their winning performance.


Today’s media professionals are pulled in so many different directions! Connect with key reporters and editors, cut out distractions and irrelevant information and convey targeted, pertinent news and compelling updates.

  • Build strong media relationships
  • Perform ongoing, relevant media outreach
  • Proactively develop bylined articles
  • Demonstrate expertise and industry knowledge
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BrandHive, a leading healthy lifestyle branding agency providing high level strategic planning and branding expertise to consumer packaged goods and value-based ingredient companies, today announced that its co-founder and partner, Jeff Hilton, was selected by the Vitafoods Executive Advisory Board to lead various marketing sessions at the global nutraceutical event, Vitafoods Europe, on May 5-7, 2015 at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland.

Hilton’s first session, “Successful marketing to Baby Boomers vs. Millennials: A tale of two distinct consumers,” will address how Baby Boomers have long been the dominant demographic target for healthy brand marketers for many years, but now Millennials are emerging as the next major consumer for healthy and natural foods, beverages and supplements. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, May 5th, at 11:00 a.m. as part of the “Consumer Engagement” content track, which Hilton will lead.

Hilton’s second session, “Effectively marketing your science to consumers,” will address marketing techniques that help manufacturers and suppliers create and communicate science-based brand messaging that is compelling, memorable and easily digested by current and potential consumers. The seminar will take place on Wednesday, May 6th, at 3:05 p.m. as part of the “Marketing Technologies & Strategies” track.

Hilton’s third session, “Making a lasting and reputable impression: Brand development,” will take place at the Vitafoods Live! Theatre where he will lead a discussion on the underlying drivers behind a successful brand and the key factors behind consumer engagement and loyalty. The panel discussion will take place on Thursday, May 7th, at 11:30 a.m.

“Today’s marketer must be familiar with and competent in a wide range of communications strategies and platforms in order to effectively reach and communicate with target customers and build an effective and successful brand,” Hilton said. “Vitafoods Europe is an excellent platform where global industry experts come together to discuss the ever changing direction of the market and share industry knowledge of topics, uncover key trends, catch up to speed on regulatory updates making it a must attend event for key industry players.”

Vitafoods Europe is the leading exhibition for the nutraceutical, functional food and drink dietary supplements industries and is expected to attract more than 14,000 visitors including products developers, R&D specialists, marketers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers will attend to source the latest raw materials and ingredients from 750 global exhibitors.

About Jeff Hilton

Hilton has been recognized by Advertising Age as one of the nation’s Top 100 Marketers. He brings 35 years of advanced business and marketing insights to his clients, including over 20 years working with leading brands in the dietary supplement, functional food & beverage, and health & beauty categories. He is an industry expert and sought-after speaker, with recent presentations including Natural Products Expos East and West, Food Matters Live, Nutracon, NBJ Summit, Fancy Food Show, IFT and Vitafoods. He was also awarded the Personal Service Award from Nutrition Business Journal in recognition of his ongoing efforts to raise the bar for industry editorial contributions, pro bono work, webinars, and speaking engagements.

About BrandHive

BrandHive is branding the natural, organic world. Like any good hive, we’re collaborative and work closely with our client partners to achieve remarkable results for natural brands. BrandHive can help you strategically position your brand within the healthy lifestyles industry. BrandHive clients benefit from our long-standing relationships and decades of experience crafting messages that engage natural businesses and consumers. We specialize in finished goods and raw materials for dietary supplements, personal care, healthy foods and healthy beverages. For more information, visit us at

About Vitafoods Europe

Vitafoods Europe is the most focused event in the world devoted to ingredients and raw materials for the nutraceutical, dietary supplement and functional food and drink industries. Since its launch, year-on-year growth and a sharp business focus have consistently produced results for exhibitors and visitors from across the industry. For more information, visit


While bodybuilders and extreme athletes are often the target audience focal point for sports nutrition products, these individuals actually account for only about five percent of total sports nutrition category sales. While trends in consumer education and access to information continues to fuel mainstream sports nutrition growth broadly, each of these user segments has its own goals, drivers and motivators for seeking out and using sports nutrition products.

There is no “typical” sports nutrition consumer any longer, and category segmentation is key. To find leverage in this market, it is critical for product manufacturers to pay attention to a number of unique and emerging consumer segments in the space. In my upcoming posts I will address these segments and optimal ways to reach them.

  • Actively Tuned-In – Informed, active consumers who strive for ways to feel good, look good and enjoy long-term health. Fitness and exercise is a way of life. They expect products they buy to fit naturally into their healthy and active lifestyle, and believe foods, beverages and snacks should not only taste good, but should be healthy and help them reach their goals. Reach this group with sports nutrition products that have scientific backing. Deliver them in the form of healthy foods and snacks, RTD’s, and novel forms of protein.

REACHING THIS GROUP: They want to know what is in the product and where it came from. They want to hear about the science and research behind a product and its ingredients, and its health-related benefits. They also want to understand the product convenience.


Cultivate strong relationships with key media contacts and industry influencers. Inform key industry players about company news, brand developments, awards, research and other successes.




  • Remain relevant and visible
  • Keep your press release pipeline full
  • Maintain a good mix of corporate, product and partner news
  • Educate the media, industry influencers, customers and prospects