Build your brand’s social base

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Many B2B businesses struggle to build a fan base and boost engagement on social media. Once you’ve determined your social strategy and know which platforms you intend to target, there are a few tricks to getting your social efforts off the ground. Facebook: Increase Likes through targeted boosts. The good news is Facebook doesn’t just …More

Does your brand have a visual voice?

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Extend your brand’s social media reach by implementing a visual strategy. A visual strategy for social media channels is an important extension of your brand’s style guide. While it incorporates your brand’s existing stylistic choices—such as fonts, colors and logo usage restraints—it requires new guidelines that adapt the brand to social channels. What matches your …More

BrandHive’s Jeff Hilton discusses consumer and channel convergence with NutraIngredients-USA at SSW

Looking for insight on how to create customized solutions to drive convergence between consumers, channels, categories and technology? Check out BrandHive’s Jeff Hilton’s interview with NutraIngredients-USA at SupplySide West. Click on the link: The big opportunity over the next decade? Offering a multi-pronged approach to take consumers to a greater level of optimal health.  

Is your data digestible?

How do you stand out among a crowd of 500 million daily tweets and 50 billion monthly shares of Facebook updates? It’s really tough. And, if the information you’re sharing isn’t easily digestible, you can get lost in the mix. The flow of data is constant in the new social world. For this reason, visual …More

Why infographics? Quick, clear communication.

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Let’s be honest, most people will turn away when they see too many words, especially when those words are describing the results of a complex psychographic study. So when BrandHive was tasked by DuPont to highlight the results of their Healthy Living Consumer Segment Campaign, we turned those highlights into a memorable, easy-to-read infographic. The …More

Video: OmniActive Marching Band at Expo West/Engredea

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OmniActive Health Technologies opened the Expo West/Engredea show with a bang, celebrating the one-year anniversary of its award-winning Lutein for Every Age™ campaign with a marching band and five dancing eyes. The band, which opened the show on Friday, March 7, was part of OmniActive’s ongoing efforts to orchestrate buzz surrounding the benefits of early …More

Design 101 – Tradeshow Booths

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The creative team at BrandHive discusses the key considerations that go into designing and building a successful tradeshow booth. Erika Lowstedt-Granath – Senior Art Director Giles Wallace – Art Director Meet Nagar – Marketing Assistant Nate Peterson – Senior Art Director    

BrandHive creates buzz in India

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The problem: When AVT Natural Products in Chennai, India set out to create a new line of condition-specific supplements, they knew they wanted to talk to Indian consumers about health and wellness in new ways but they weren’t sure just how far they could stray from traditional formulas and packaging without losing their audience entirely. …More