Who cares about clean labels?

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  Jeff Hilton, Co-Founder and CMO at BrandHive, will be speaking at Expo West next week about consumer trends in clean label, sustainability and transparency.  Watch this preview of Jeff’s thoughts on who is driving demand for cleaner products and ingredients, and why. Join JeffHilton@brandhive.com at the Anaheim Marriott on Wednesday, March 8th at 1:30 PM …More

Clean Label, Sustainability & Transparency: The Trends Behind The Trend

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Perfect Storm Opportunity The premise of this article is that there is a significant marketplace opportunity materializing which offers tremendous awareness and sales potential for the right brands. Perhaps you are one of those brands? Let’s dive deeper to find out. We are witnessing first hand the evolution of Consumer 2.0. This consumer/customer is highly …More

How did foods and beverages become functional?

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  I remember back in the 1990’s sitting in meetings at Nature’s Way talking about the potential of the functional food and beverage sector, which at that point was in its infancy. Now, over two decades later, we are in the ramp up to significant expansion of the category with new products entering the market …More

Ever heard of “Leap-Frogging”?

As a preview to VitaFoods Europe, I want to share a few thoughts on building consumer awareness for branded ingredients. The Opportunity Thought leaders and others in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors of the healthy, natural, organic space are beginning to reach consensus that the best way forward to future growth and market success …More

The New Marketing Paradigm: Mastering Concept, Content, Connection, Community and Continuity

Forget everything you know. I often feel like that is the new imperative for marketers in the modern world. It also feels on occasion like we in this profession are being collectively schooled in a new way to communicate and be relevant to our audience. And so be it. Smart communicators operate in today’s complex …More

Want more from your social media efforts?

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BrandHive has a five-step program for capturing real social media results.   Watch this video to learn more:     We can help you maximize your social impact and return on investment. Contact us to find out how: jeffhilton@brandhive.com

Las Vegas and the “New You”

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There’s no doubt that being in Las Vegas has a way rejuvenating one’s inner youth. The bright lights, loud music and glitz have a way of awakening the soul. It was the perfect setting for this year’s SupplySide West Global Expo and Conference. Attendance and energy was at an all time high and the exhibit …More