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Jeff Hilton, BrandHive co-founder and chief marketing officer, will present his session “Practitioner Marketing in a Changing Media Landscape” at the second annual Health Practitioner Marketing Forum on Thursday, April 3, at 11:30 am. The conference, being held at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California, is a unique executive summit focused on opportunities in the rapidly expanding health practitioner channel of the natural products industry.

Hilton’s session will be focused on identifying and discussing how the branding paradigm is shifting and evolving along with the digital revolution. From there, Hilton will educate the audience on how to leverage current and future trends in digital and social media to develop an integrated online brand strategy that will allow marketers to effectively engage both customers and end-consumers.

“Media habits and consumption have shifted dramatically over the last decade and brands are being faced with unprecedented levels of change in consumer behaviors and expectations,” said Hilton. “It’s a new world out there, and for those marketers willing to embrace change and allow access to their brand, the potential is unlimited.”

Hilton’s presentation will make up part of the Health Practitioner Marketing Forum’s three-day program of educational sessions from nationally recognized experts in practitioner marketing and sales. For more information and registration please visit