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Nutritional Outlook Best of the Industry Awards for 2022


When Morris Zelkha decides to bring an ingredient to market, he goes all in. Case in point: When Zelkha founded lycopene-ingredients supplier LycoRed Ltd. (Be’er Sheva, Israel) decades ago, he started with what was then a lesser-known ingredient. By the time Zelkha left LycoRed as founder and CEO in 2014, LycoRed was arguably the industry’s best-known lycopene and carotenoids supplier, and lycopene had made a name for itself in the nutrition market. Now, Zelkha is doing the same for black seed oil (Nigella sativa). Just as he did for lycopene, Zelkha is teaching the market about how to identify a high-quality black seed ingredient. And he’s only just begun.

He says TriNutra’s business is growing 30% each year, so the company appears to be on its way. And if history has shown, if anyone can further an ingredient’s market, it’s Zelkha and now TriNutra.

“Personally,” he says, “I believe that black seed oil can have a market share similar to omega-3. Bringing awareness of the ingredient and educating on quality will help drive this. When looking at Amazon six years ago, there were only about 40 [black seed oil] brands, but today, there are more than 100. I see this as a good step towards growth—but know this is just the beginning.”

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