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Product Prevalence

As I opened my email this morning, I was bombarded with articles about two things:  cognitive health and immune health.   So many messages about products and branded ingredients, both paid native articles, as well as earned media, had filled my inbox with early morning deliveries.  I counted more than 23 items in just 3 industry publication newsletters alone.  And that doesn’t include any digital advertising or offers to register for webinars or sign-up for newsletter subscriptions!

This hit me hard.  After all, I work with a number of clients who’s products and ingredients are in both of these categories.  Cognitive health, often referred to as brain health or nootropics, and immune health, with its terms such as postbiotics, prebiotics, and microbiome, are so important no matter what the age of the consumer.

Advertising in the Space

Now the challenge becomes, with all of this noise coming at me, what does a formulator or manufacturer in the beverage and dietary trade feel like?  How can they make a decision on the best ingredient to include in their next winning formulation?  How will they be able to sell it to their B2B customer?

What about the health care practitioner?  How can they filter through all of the offers and recommendations for products that they should be sharing with their patients?  

And finally, the most important audience of all, how can a consumer know what product will help them solve a particular health challenge they may be facing?

All great questions, right?  What is the magic solution?  Here it is!  There is no “one right answer”.  There is a clear and deliberate path to take to determine what is right for YOUR product and ingredient.  And it begins, as Stephen Covey put it, with the end in mind.

The Solution

Too often, a client reaches out to us asking for implementation of a tactic, rather than focusing on the overall goal.  They saw a competitor doing something, a social media marketing campaign, placement of digital ads, or feature in a particular industry publication, and they too want to be “there”.  Some branding agencies or marketing strategy gurus might say – sure, I can put you “there”.  However, what did that accomplish?  Who knows?  The purpose in getting “there” is what is important.  And that is an important part of the discussion when you work with brandhive.

We start by understanding and helping our clients identify and define their growth strategy.  There could be multiple objectives in getting “there”.  These may include brand recognition or brand elevation depending on your company’s goals.

Whatever the solution may be, it is important to understand that where your competitor is at might not be your ideal goal. Or maybe that publication that you love is not where you should showcase your product for the most effective results. Your goal and purpose in the dense marketplace of cognitive and immune health should be carefully crafted and created based on extensive research and analysis, ultimately leading to what is going to make your brand stand out amongst the rest.