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When it comes to food, we are all familiar with the traditional three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nowadays, however, the busy schedules of our everyday lives can mean most people tend to replace a traditional meal with snacks instead, which can be difficult for those who are focusing on becoming more health-conscious with what they consume. Those in the food industry are now posed with the challenge of using packaging to appeal to health-conscious consumers to stand out from the rest of the competition and increase their revenue. In order to formulate an effective healthy food packaging design, we must first dive into the root of what health-conscious consumers are searching for from packaging. Check out the following healthy food marketing ideas related to how consumers make their decisions through product packaging: 

Calories Count for Health-Conscious Consumers

Calories are all about the energy we consume to fuel our bodies every day. For those who are more aware of what they are eating each day, the need to keep track of calories that not only provide them with energy but supply healthy benefits as well is of utmost importance to their decision in the food store. If your brand offers single packaged products that come in a larger package, a clever healthy food marketing idea is to consider mentioning the calorie count per single package to give consumers the ability to track what they are eating without having to take extra steps to determine how many calories they actually consumed. By doing so, your brand will give consumers a better sense of their calorie intake, making it more convenient for consumers and increases the chances of buying your products again.

On-The-Go Packaging For The Win

As previously mentioned, busy schedules can take away from time that individuals have to eat a healthy and nutritious meal, making the demand for snack foods that are travel-friendly more prevalent. To be ahead of the game, contemplate a healthy food packaging design that allows consumers to eat something when they are on the go or have a quick moment in their day to snack. Packaging with lids that are easy to take off or packaging that is able to be resealed to enjoy later is extremely beneficial for those who have a jam-packed day and aren’t sure when they will have a moment for a quick bite. By doing this, your brand will have the chance to be chosen over other options and shows your understanding for health-conscious consumers who are constantly on the go.

Positive Promotion Packaging 

From all the choices a consumer can make to the limited space available on the packaging, using packaging to appeal to health-conscious consumers can be quite the task to do. Due to these restrictions, it’s important to make the most of what little space you have by using positive terminologies and benefits to your product that will jump out to customers almost instantaneously. Utilizing words like natural, organic, and gluten-free gives your products a positive connotation that will decrease the chance of health-conscious consumers overlooking your product altogether. Finding the right words to incorporate into your packaging design can also seem like a task in itself to do, but hiring the right health and wellness branding agency to help you craft your ideal packaging verbiage gets you one step closer to having a product that flies off the shelf. 

Overall, consumers are smart and definitely take product packaging into consideration when making choices on what to purchase. When it comes to having a surefire package design that will win over, turning to a professional health and wellness branding agency will assist you in attracting the health-conscious consumers you’ve been aiming for. To get started on achieving the optimal packaging design, contact us today.