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Every year, thousands of new food products are brought to market and over 90% of them fail. Even businesses backed by big companies and well-known brands have more misses than hits. What causes these products to fail? Oftentimes, quality can be an issue and some products just don’t live up to consumers’ expectations. Other times, the timing of a new launch can doom a product from the start. Just the sight of certain foods is enough to stimulate someone’s appetite, but poor food packaging design can do the complete opposite. Ineffective design or dysfunctional packaging can make your brand seem distrustful and can negatively impact how people view your brand. 

The packaging, marketing, and advertising surrounding your new product launch are extremely important and all these elements benefit from good design. With the right packaging, your food brand can inform and entice while capturing consumers’ minds and emotions. From the initial product idea to conveying a visual and verbal message all the way to launch day, our team is sharing the importance of food packaging for food brands and how we can help. 

Benefits of Strong Packaging Design

A study conducted by Westrock found that packaging drives 36% of purchase decisions. While the primary function of packaging is to protect the food inside, the main importance of food packaging design is to attract consumers. The ideal design not only conveys what the brand is, but what the brand stands for. Having a strong brand identity combined with excellent packaging can help attract consumers and help to communicate information about your product clearly and concisely. You can also use food packaging to convey various business values or commitments to help you reach your target audience. Effective food packaging design can also: 

  • Appeal to emotions 
  • Display the products nutritional information, benefits, and uses
  • Make your brand or logo instantly recognizable
  • Make your product an impactful, personalized experience

What Consumers Look for In Great Food Packaging 

Regardless of where a consumer views your product (TV commercial, ad, in a grocery store, or a magazine), your packaging is oftentimes a consumers’ first impression with your brand. The best food packaging designs clearly make a statement but also are simple for your consumer to understand. You’ll need to offer attractive, functional, and informative packaging that showcases why consumers should be purchasing your product over others. Consumer satisfaction falls loosely into three key components including:  

  • Functionality – like the ease of opening, easy to empty, resealability, easy identification, and storage. 
  • Trust – like protection from tampering or contamination, the use of safe and sustainable materials, and transparency about ingredients.
  • Aesthetics – like innovation, updated designs, color, shape, and size.

At BrandHive, we’ve been designing food packaging for over 20 years in the health and wellness industry. We take pride in creating food packaging designs that stand out on the shelf and leave no question in a buyer’s mind as to the product’s advantages. When you partner with our team, we can guarantee we will deliver sleek and fresh designs that completely encapsulate who you are as a brand. If you’re ready to get started on a project, contact us today.