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Earlier we shared how some of our clients are responding amidst COVID-19. Below are four additional stories from our clients and how they’ve had to adapt to this pandemic. Do you have a story to tell? We can help. See Part 1 for more.

Jason West, CEO, Hyatt Life Sciences

“We started out in the field of organic chemistry synthesis and now create scientifically backed dietary supplements. Because we are a small company, we’re able to be nimble and pivot rapidly to meet ever-shifting consumer needs. We utilized our past expertise and facility capabilities to manufacture thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer to help fulfill the needs of medical facilities and hospitals who were quickly running out. We’re striving to fulfill the basic required needs of our local health care facilities by also providing masks and gowns. We’re here to do our part on behalf of those on the front lines.”  

Stein Ulve, Founder and CEO, Eevia Health

“At Eevia Health we have strived to take care of our employees by implementing strict protocols and safety procedures. We have kept production running, however, we have set up a project to counteract the possible disruption of closed borders. A significant part of the annual berry harvest in Finland is done by foreigners and if the borders are still closed in August, that will disrupt the national harvest volume and have a significant impact. We are therefore ramping up our own harvest force of several thousand people, recruiting from domestic workforce, including students who will not get summer work this year, those who are unemployed, pensioners who have time for this (and often are very experienced pickers), and people with available free time looking for additional income. Finally, because we have the ability to handle ethanol in our manufacturing factory, we have begun producing pallets of disinfectant for those in need. We are also working out how we can contribute to the hunger crisis in local communities due to the impact of COVID. We are doing our best to keep up with the demand of our immunity ingredients while keeping everyone involved healthy and safe.” 

Rich Troyer, CEO, Comet Bio

“It can be a challenging time for start-ups like Comet Bio given the economic uncertainty in this pandemic. Fortunately, the nutrition and food industries are less vulnerable to this market instability than the foodservice, hospitality and other sectors. We are in a good position with a fully-funded business plan, a history of prudent financial management, and the support of our investors to continue our growth. And as COVID-19 puts a spotlight on consumers’ health, we are concentrating on how our prebiotic dietary fiber ingredient, Arrabina, can help consumers maintain a healthy microbiome and support immunity. During these unprecedented times, our company’s mission to provide nutritious, sustainable, and high-quality ingredients remains unaltered.”

Morris Zelkha, CEO, TriNutra

“We at TriNutra and our partner, NS oils, are taking decisive action to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 virus on our employees, partners, customers. As an essential business, we have been able to sustain full employment of our team and are operating our site according to the Israeli Ministry of Health Restricted instructions. We have implemented extensive measures and precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and partners and to protect the supply of our cultivated raw materials. We have adopted specific procedures to minimize and manage any future disruption to our ongoing operations. These include expanded safety stocks of raw materials and Personal Protective Equipment, as well as ongoing monitoring of our suppliers’ stock levels to assure future deliveries. We are also continuing our biological R&D work on our cold-press black seed oil, ThymoQuin, which includes testing the antiviral response and amplifying the immune system by using in-vitro and in-vivo modules. We will continue to put the customer first and do everything possible to keep our people safe and healthy while we continue to strive to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.”