CK Nutraceuticals, a trusted North American supplier of innovative, science-based nutraceutical raw materials, announced today its partnership with BrandHive, a leading healthy lifestyle branding agency providing high-level strategic planning and branding expertise to consumer packaged goods and value-based ingredient companies. BrandHive has been retained to help further CK Nutraceutical’s efforts to build its North American presence.

“Our collaboration with BrandHive will help to support our continued effort to grow the Canadian market and also to accelerate our expansion plans in the United States,” said CK Nutraceuticals president, Michael Chernyak. “We’re thrilled to partner with the team at BrandHive to leverage its expertise and long-standing relationships in the natural products industry.”

CK Nutraceuticals’ portfolio of proprietary branded ingredients covers a range of applications for nutrition and health support to help create safe, effective and on-trend dietary supplements and natural health products. Key Canadian ingredients include NEM®, BLIS K-12® and Zembrin™, while key U.S. offerings include EstroG-100®, KitoMax™ and Deep Ocean Minerals™. Visit for more information.

“CK Nutraceuticals has a unique portfolio of ingredients that are rooted in science,” said Jeff Hilton, co-founder and chief marketing officer of BrandHive. “It’s a pleasure to work with such a progressive and well-respected player in the industry.”