While bodybuilders and extreme athletes are often the target audience focal point for sports nutrition products, these individuals actually account for only about five percent of total sports nutrition category sales. While trends in consumer education and access to information continues to fuel mainstream sports nutrition growth broadly, each of these user segments has its own goals, drivers and motivators for seeking out and using sports nutrition products.

There is no “typical” sports nutrition consumer any longer, and category segmentation is key. To find leverage in this market, it is critical for product manufacturers to pay attention to a number of unique and emerging consumer segments in the space. In my upcoming posts I will address these segments and optimal ways to reach them.

  • Actively Tuned-In – Informed, active consumers who strive for ways to feel good, look good and enjoy long-term health. Fitness and exercise is a way of life. They expect products they buy to fit naturally into their healthy and active lifestyle, and believe foods, beverages and snacks should not only taste good, but should be healthy and help them reach their goals. Reach this group with sports nutrition products that have scientific backing. Deliver them in the form of healthy foods and snacks, RTD’s, and novel forms of protein.

REACHING THIS GROUP: They want to know what is in the product and where it came from. They want to hear about the science and research behind a product and its ingredients, and its health-related benefits. They also want to understand the product convenience.