Are you marketing to them the same way?

IFT invites Jeff Hilton and Luann Williams to discuss the hottest trends in the market, including how convergence trends impact your marketing strategy


   Tuesday, April 7, 2015


   1:00 p.m. CST


   Online at GoToWebinar.com


   Jeff Hilton, BrandHive Co-founder & Chief            Marketing Officer and Luann Williams, Head      of Research at Innova Market Insights

The healthy lifestyle sector is witnessing a “perfect storm” scenario as foods and beverages become increasingly “functional” and product distribution channels converge. Plus, today’s consumer is newly empowered and wields more control in the shopping and purchasing cycle. 

A Customized Future
New emerging technology is fueling this self-care movement and driving both manufacturers and their customers toward a more “personalized” or “customized” approach to health and wellness. 

Webinar Topics

  • Identifying convergence trends in the marketplace.
  • How marketers can reach, educate, influence and formulate products to reach current and future consumers. 
  • Creating a customized approach to health and wellness.
  • Using a multi-pronged approach to achieve a higher level of optimal health.

Are you ready for convergence?