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Once your social media channels are set up and your analytics are in place, it’s time to develop a content calendar for each channel. BrandHive helps clients align their content with industry publications and editorial calendars for value-added alignment.


When setting up calendars, it’s crucial to consider how much engagement is optimal for that channel. Too many posts and your viewers will run from your brand like from a needy friend. Too few posts and they might just forget you exist. BrandHive will help you establish a predetermined number of posts per channel that promise optimal reach and engagement.


Don’t forget monitoring! Posting is only half the work, the other half is monitoring conversations and comments. Leap ahead of competing brands when BrandHive sets up a system for monitoring comments, engaging with Likes, promoting Shares and conversing through private messaging on selected platforms.

Automated tools

Not everything has to be handled by a human. In this age of automation, scheduling tools can relieve a huge portion of your social media burden. BrandHive can supply a custom interface for automating your posts or, if you choose to use over-the-counter tools, we can help you set them up.

Implement BrandHive’s 5-strategy to social media and get measurable results.