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Natural Foods Merchandiser recently approached Kathleen Murphy, senior public relations counsel here at BrandHive, for her thoughts on how to craft the perfect newsletter for customers and consumers. Check out her three tips, as well as a link to the full article after the jump:

1. Craft a plan. Take time to figure out and write down the key attributes of your newsletter, including its purpose, audience, frequency, length, format, key deadlines and budget. Many retailers skip this step, which is a primary reason why newsletters frequently fail. Carefully think through these details ahead of time, or get an expert to help you.

2. Consider your audience. Are your most loyal shoppers young, active singles? Family-focused moms? Retirees? Choose topics within your store’s realm of expertise that aim to make readers’ lives easier. For example, athletes might be interested in nutritional support for marathon training, while moms may want to learn about natural ways to help kids dodge the flu.

3. Build a story bank. Just as a magazine contains different sections, your newsletter should include a variety of content: tips, recipes, employee profiles, promotions, surveys, testimonials and much more. Schedule articles around specific seasons or holidays, such as “Healthy Halloween treats” in October or “Happy birthday to us” to commemorate your store’s anniversary.


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