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The problem: When AVT Natural Products in Chennai, India set out to create a new line of condition-specific supplements, they knew they wanted to talk to Indian consumers about health and wellness in new ways but they weren’t sure just how far they could stray from traditional formulas and packaging without losing their audience entirely.

The research: Once they selected BrandHive as their Agency of Record, we helped them conduct focus groups with native populations in target launch cities, including New Dehli. These focus groups clearly showed that a modern take on wellness would be better accepted if it incorporated a nod to India’s Ayurvedic traditions.

The insight: The targeted consumer was willing to consider modern scientific findings and new product formulas if those formulas included some “trustworthy” traditional ingredients.

This insight shaped all BrandHive’s efforts, from the brand positioning and brand story (which focused on the integration of modern Western science with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom) to product formulations (which paired Ayurvedic classics with scientifically researched Western ingredients) to product packaging (which introduced a clean pharma look into traditional Indian settings). The brand name BrandHive developed for the line was OptimHealth.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.40.30 AM

OptimHealth brand essence blends ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern Western science

The work: The result was a brand that literally jumped off Indian “chemist” shelves by featuring a modern aesthetic (modern bright-white PET bottles, vibrant colors and custom green caps) and a listing of its traditional and Western ingredients on the front of the label. Mention of traditional ingredients provided consumers with a sense of instant familiarity, while the novel look and feel of the brand caught their attention. BrandHive carried this strategy of “modernized tradition” into OptimHealth’s photography, website, marketing collateral and launch strategies, all with great success.

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OptimHealth custom packaging lists main ingredients on front panel

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OptimHealth retail display stands out in chemist’s shop

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Soft launches targeted consumers in traditional settings (yoga studios, chemists, parks) 

The takeaway: Consumers all over the world now demand more from their brands. Traditional tried-and-true cultural cues are not enough. To capture attention today, brands need to blend cultural influences with worldwide research findings and globally recognized ingredients to create products that both look better and work better.