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Jeff and gail

Jeff Hilton and Gail Frankoski represent BrandHive at VitaFoods 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Every year, BrandHive works with international clients to prepare for VitaFoods, an international event that recognizes excellence in research and development, marketing, and technology within the nutraceutical and function food category. This year was no exception. Here’s a few things that kept BrandHive staff and clients busy during the 4-day event.

One long-standing client, Epax, was shortlisted for the “Outstanding Application in Health Management” award and hosted a presentation titled “Forever Young: Effects of marine omega-3 fatty acids on telomeres” given by Morten Bryhn, M.D., Ph.D.

Another BrandHive client, OmniActive, hosted an elegant dinner at La Perle du Sac, and launched a new vision-health ingredient called “Vision Blend.”

A third BrandHive client, Gencor, was shortlisted for “Most Innovative Ingredient” award and spread the word to those attending about its revolutionary female sexual health product, Libifem.

Other BrandHive clients, like LeSaffre (makers of Red Star Nutritional Yeast) and UAS Labs (The Probiotic Company) were also in attendance.

And, we don’t want to forget that BrandHive’s very own Jeff Hilton presided over the Gala award ceremony. Nice job Jeff.

Start planning now to put VitaFoods on your 2014 calendar and hear about topics as relevant as:

  • The rise of preventative, personalized nutrition
  • The ongoing popularity of high-protein products
  • Copy recommendations to avoid product rejections based on unaccepted claims

See you next year!