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For 57 years, Albion Minerals has taken on the serious journey of “building a better mineral”.  A manufacturer with its base in Clearfield, Utah, Albion has established a strong foothold in the nutritional supplement industry with their patented mineral bisglycinate chelates (pronounced as “key-lates”). These chelates mimic the mineral chelates that naturally form during the digestion process in our bodies, making them less subject to competition from other processes and more readily absorbed and utilized by the body. I’ve always assumed that the multi-vitamins or supplements I’ve been taking for years have been doing their job.  I’ve since learned that tannins, fibers, phytates, polyphenols, and even other minerals can block or decrease the absorption of these supplements if they’re not in the optimal chelated form.

Albion has actively sought the science behind minerals forms since its inception and that interest has yet to peak. Albion just opened its own cell lab, which will allow them to readily construct highly controlled models of biological systems. This helps them reduce, and in some cases, eliminate the need for animal or human trials.  They currently own 140 patents that line the hallways of their main office building as a reminder that they’re a company that has run the course of proven science.  These patents, in addition to the 190 plus scientific studies, substantiate Albion’s leading role in human mineral nutrition.

How a body uses and absorbs minerals is a focal point of why Albion exists. And, they have a big story to tell.

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